Cat Licking Screen Cleaner

Cat Licking Screen Cleaner 3.0

Displays an animation of a fluffy cat licking the display
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Changes your current Windows screensaver with one of a cute cat that appears to be licking your screen from the inside. Includes piano music along with the various animations.

Cat Licking Screen Cleaner is an enchanting screensaver that displays a video of a beautiful long-haired cat licking your screen. The screen seems to be full of drops of something (probably food) and the cat won't stop licking until it is completely clean.

The screensaver is composed of different animations of the cat licking the screen in different positions and it is very realistic and original. The animations are accompanied by a lovely piano music, which seems a bit sad to me, but helps create a relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately, it doesn't include ambient sounds, which would definitely make it more realistic and attractive. What is more, if you don't like the music you can mute it or add your own playlist from the settings menu, which is absolutely great. From there, you can also configure the exit conditions, which is a feature that is not present in most screensavers.

In short, Cat Licking Screen Cleaner is a highly recommendable screensaver that will surely attract cat lovers and will make you laugh for sure. Besides, it is completely free, so don't hesitate to try it.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Beautiful cat
  • Nice graphics and lovely music
  • Pretty customizable
  • Free


  • No ambient sounds
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